Service Department

In addition to our current line up, we are happy to service almost all other bicycle brands


Keep er Rollin’

$45.00 + parts

We do a thorough run through of your bike. We inspect all components, making adjustments where needed.  All bolts are torqued and the necessary components are greased/lubed. Chain wear checked, tire pressure checked and a quick wipe down of the bike.

Tap er Lite

$80.00 + parts

This includes the Keep er Rollin’ tune with the edition of truing both wheels, adjusting headset and a thorough cleaning of the bike. 

Mile High

$210.00 + parts

This includes all adjustments, chain install, both wheels trued, tubes/sealant replaced, brake/dropper bleed, cable/housing replaced, new parts installed, and bike thoroughly cleaned and polished.  This package saves $100 from individual labor pri

Add on Packages

these packages can be added to any tune and includes parts and labor

Drive Train Pkg $55

Drive train is removed, soaked in the solvent tank, reinstalled and lubricated.  This process removes all build up for optimal drivetrain performance

Shift Upgrade Pkg $60

All cable and housing is replaced

Brake Upgrade Pkg $60

All cable and housing replaced (mechanical brakes)

Full Suspension Pkg $250

This is recommended every 6-12 months.  We replace suspension oils, dust wipers, seals.  We remove and inspect, clean, relube all bearings, and linkage hardware

We 100% Guarantee our work!!


Please feel free to contact us about individual repairs and services!

Hourly Shop rate – $60