The Afternoon Quickie 

$50.00 + parts(if needed)

We do a thorough run through of your bike. We inspect all components, making adjustments and diagnosis’ when needed. All bolts are torqued and the necessary components are greased/lubed. Tires are checked for the proper amount of air and the wheels inspected.

The Dude Abides 

$80.00 + parts

This is the Afternoon Quickie with a few upgrades. We clean the bike, true the wheels, adjust hubs and headset if needed, thoroughly clean and adjust your drive train (the DeeT’s 1.0) and regrease all bearings.

Bob’s Baller Tune 

$110.00 + parts

This includes the Afternoon Quickie & The Dude Abides, with the addition of replacing cables and housing, bleeding both brakes and installing new pads, bottom bracket service, and hubs fully serviced.

The Claude Dog 

$225.00 + parts

This is the full Monty of the service menu! With this one, we strip the bike down to the bare frame. We fully clean all components, rebuild the bike like it just came out of the box… basically Bob on steroids…

Ala Carte

Wheel Truing – $20/Wheel
Tubeless Conversion – $10/+parts
Flat Repair – $6/Wheel + parts
Wheel Repair – $20/Wheel
Wheel build – $70
Brake Bleed -$20/brake
Dropper Bleed – $20
Front Fork Service – $55 +parts
Rear Shock Service – $40 +parts
Drive Train Adjust – $20
Bearing Overhaul – $20
Bottom Bracket Overhaul – $20
Box-a-Bike – $85

Hourly Shop Rate – $60